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Patrick Koppula is the Principal of Innovate for Society and a leader in the fields of civic innovation, public interest technology and social impact experience design. Patrick previously was a leader of venture-funded startups. These companies, such as, pioneered the digital entertainment business. Over a twenty year career he's learned how approaches from the innovation economy can catalyze breakthrough impact in social, civic and cooperative ventures. Patrick lives in Los Angeles, California where he plays basketball on Fridays and sometimes writes music for short films on Sundays.


  • Leading human-centered strategic user experience systems research, for a cross-departmental collaboration platform related to a new, politically sensitive, and critical service to a vulnerable population in Los Angeles County.
  • Advising a startup on how to develop and market a educational user experience (UX) that will grow the pipeline of candidates prepared to run for office and govern effectively.
  • Answering the Obama White House’s call to service for technology leaders to bring the principles, values, and practices of product management, user-centered design and user experience (UX) strategy and into the public sector by engaging top federal functional, program, and technical leadership to improve their utilization of technology through key organizational initiatives.
  • Teaching Culture Creation Via New Technology at Arizona State University Arts, Media, and Engineering 
  • Co-organizing technical programs, partnerships, and events for creating software such as Hack for LA which is now the Los Angeles Code for America brigade.
  • Teaching a hands-on, collaborative, and project-based civic innovation seminar at Occidental College based on an adaptation of lean startup & design thinking approaches to activism.
  • Leading the session on Finding Lead User Innovations and Giving Customers Toolkits at the MIT Innovation Lab
  • Mentor the technical teams of startups on understanding user needs and clarifying the business case for a product.
  • Winning the Mashable People’s Choice Open Web Award
  • Leading a venture-funded tiger team to scope, prototype, design, build, & user-test innovations, and to research demand for them.
  • Developing high performing cross-functional teams, cultivating stakeholders, and leading them to consistently deliver new products and services from concept to delivery, building toward a significant commercial outcome.
  • Helping save hundreds of millions of dollars for cities and states by developing custom business analysis software and presentations to help policy-makers and non-technical citizens understand complex financial data.
  • Receiving recognition for Distinguished Service from Maricopa County for “service-shed” map and planning heuristic for Wellness Clinics