I'm starting a year dedicated to public service as a Presidential Innovation Fellow On 25 January 2016.



When I think about this opportunity to improve the way the executive branch does things, I feel a great deal of hope and excitement. This journey started for me while making financial data systems for Public Financial Management. Those systems helped local governments fund the services their residents depended on. Later, I co-founded the digital companies that pioneered a new ecosystem to empower creatives to prosper independently (for instance GarageBand). During the most recent four years, I organized innovators for the the public good: a thriving government technology effort, a civic innovation incubator, and a creative class membership organization. In 2014 this vibrant community hosted the Presidential town hall on the millennial economy. Now as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, I'll devote everything I can to federal agency efforts for upgrading and reimagining what they provide and how they provide it. In this spirit, I'm starting to advocate and advise anyone who is harnessing innovation to pursue openness, inclusion, adaptation and productivity in their work.

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A Rising Tide Only Lifts Boats

If someone's drowning in waves of prosperity, it's because it's impossible to swim in them.

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Korean Tech Startup Demo Day

Cities need secure systems, usable data tools, and location data. Here are three new ways to get them.

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Grassroots Civic Innovation - What City Council could do to realize the transformative value of the Mayor's Innovation Fund

(With a dedicated civil service and a City Innovation Fund, what's to stop civic innovation in Los Angeles?)

A half million change agents

A half million plus LAUSD students will finish an Hour of Code today, the last day of Computer Science Education Week*. Our schools are introducing an entire generation of Angelenos to computer programming. Some of these students will recall this week opened the door to a career in creating world-changing digital and robotic innovations. All of them will argue whether it was when the end of work (as their parents knew it) began.

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Police Risk Sensors - A wearable computing recommendation for LAPD

In September, the Los Angeles Police Department wrapped up a pilot of wearable cameras. In November they choose a supplier. Now they are planning a deployment in light of reminders from Ferguson that witness testimony is nearly unusable and their fellow citizens are ambiguous about the violence they are equipped and trained to use. Wearable cameras are part of the future of policing but they cannot be the center of it. Read on to find out why to realize the full value of a new body camera, every officer must first get a new holster.

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Blockbusters - The 112 candidates who got over 100,000 votes during their Los Angeles career

If Los Angeles elections were movies, these are the Superstar Candidates
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