Environmental Stewardship & Justice

How might we sustain a planet that accommodates our survival and direct benefits from making that happen to those who are bearing the costs?



  • Stewardship - What matters is collaborating to forestall environmental catastrophe. 
  • Justice - What matters is compensating those that are disproportionately suffering from environmental spoilage or sacrificing for environmental stewardship.

Cap & Trade is a victory for stewardship. We've yet to achieve a victory for justice. A simple start might be a program provides an emissions reduction dividend to those who sacrifice the most or who are most at risk.

Likewise, a gasoline tax by itself will weigh heavier on already vulnerable communities. A people-oriented policy design will be like a gas tax that directly funds a subsidy for the emissions free transportation options favored by the vulnerable communities to give them a chance to avoid the gas tax entirely.

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