Growing Voter Power

How might we empower voters to effectively oversee what the government does?



  • Growing - What matters is that more and more people identify as voters.
  • Voter - What matters is the experience of being a voter is informing, relevant, empowering, and simple.
  • Power - What matters is that voters can exercise oversight of the parts of the government with the most leverage & consequence, and can measure the impact of what they oversee.

For instance to satisfy the first goal of "Growing", we must provide both traditional polling places and new ways to vote. The proposed SB 450 fails this goal because it presents a false choice between polling places and vote centers. It's like a teacher telling a class that because some students prefer turning in homework by email, then email is the only way to turn in homework. The teacher who wants to maximize the number of students turning in homework will accept it both by email and in class. Similarly we need more ways to vote, so more people can vote.


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