Largest Possible Domestic Market & Growth Round

Something's happening in the Federal Government that is like a tech startup closing a growth round. Entrepreneurs and innovators who overcame the odds are securing a chance to grow innovation in the Federal government. Their effort results this month in the finalization of the Technology Transformation Service.

I can trace this back at least four years ago to the first round of Presidential Innovation Fellows, then to the eight second-round Fellows that stood up 18F inside the government to continue the work of their fellowship. Now, 18F, Presidential Innovation Fellows, and another organization inside the General Services Administration (GSA) are coming together as the Technology Transformation Service (TTS). TTS parallels GSA's Public Building Service and Federal Acquisition Service (which organize real estate and procurement resources respectively) as a top line of business for the agency. Thus, innovation is now part of business-as-usual in the Federal government!

The Technology Transformation Service's opportunity includes:

  • transforming agency's use of technology in fulfilling their missions
  • investing in innovation
  • developing transformational public service technologists, and 
  • upgrading the public experience of government via technology

(Bonus: Technology Transformation can work with city and state governments much like Public Buildings and Federal Acquisitions do.)

I joined this effort four months ago as the 100th Presidential Innovation Fellow. I'm thrilled by the accomplishment and enthusiastic about the unique opportunities it opens up. In fact, I wish all talented innovators would consider this unique chance for us to work together. TTS is like an innovative company in the growth phase with the distinction that all the people of America share in the innovations it will create.

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