Meeting the 2016 Fellows

Have you ever thought about the Avengers's feelings while assembling? It's the first time that these uniquely talented people meet each other. As they listen to each other's back stories, they realize they've been on variations of the same mission. And then it dawns on them that their missions can combine to forward a purpose bigger than any of them alone.

The way the Avengers assembled is the same way the 2016 Presidential Innovation Fellows assembled, so maybe I can sympathize. I felt curiosity when I looked around the room. Then I started to sense that my eyes looked the same way as their eyes. I felt connected, indirectly, like magnets in the same field. Once we finished sharing how we got there and I beheld the entire group, I felt amazement and anticipation. Finally as the moment passed from being its own thing into being the start of something, I thought of those who revealed our purpose by bringing us together and felt gratitude.

One of the earlier fellows is fond of asking us new fellows, "What's your super power?" I think that's where my thoughts about the Avengers started. Each of the fellows in my cohort have talent worthy of an individual post profiling them. If I do that, I'll lead with their super power. For now, and without further adieu, here are a two non-ordered listicles.

The other fellows in my cohort:

  • Michael Balint,
  • Kyla Fullenwider,
  • Mitch Sipus,
  • Justin Koufopolous,
  • Bob Ballance,
  • John Trobough,
  • Amy Wilson,
  • Wendy Harman,
  • Eric Daimler,
  • Adam Bellows

And the people with the insight and wherewithal to assemble us:

  • Garren Givens,
  • Ben Williman,
  • Smita Satiani,
  • Andrew Stroup,
  • Puja Balachander

I am looking forward working alongside all of them this year

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